The Most Common Admission Essay Topics Trap

admission essay topicsFar too many times, college applicants feel the need to write about admission essay topics big and grandiose with hopes that their bold boasting will win over the hearts of the admissions staff and make them throw lots of scholarship money in their direction. As a result, the admission personnel quickly become wary of outrageous claims and grow even more quickly tired of essays that talk about the following topics:

  • “Why I feel so strongly about racial harmony/world peace/social justice/etc.”
  • “How my leadership and courage helped my team win the state championship”
  • etc… etc… etc…

What the Admission Committee Really Wants to See

The admission committee wants to learn more about the “real you” since you, and not the state championship or the prospect of world peace, are applying for admission. They are certainly much more interested in how you think and why you made particular decisions than they are in the actual accomplishments themselves. It is much better to give a detailed analysis on why you chose to, say, study German or French, than to simply state that you were a linebacker on a team that went to the state finals — assuming that you are not being recruited specifically for your football skills of course!

What You Should Do

It is fine to talk about your accomplishments, but be sure use your selected admission essay topics keep yourself as the central focus of the essay. To continue the linebacker of a team that went to the state finals example, you might be well off describing the camaraderie and realizing that after the game you would never be able to play with the same set of guys again. You could also talk about the lessons you learned from your coach’s motivational talks.

It Takes Time

Is this easier said than done? Absolutely! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what it takes to complete the task. Selecting the best admission essay topics is the cornerstone of your admissions essays which, in turn, are an important part of your college applications and your future. Do yourself these 2 favors:

  1. Allot yourself adequate time to complete the essays.
  2. Enlist the help of a friend, relative, teacher, or better yet, admission consultant, for assistance.