What They are Looking for in this Admission Essay Question

The admission committee wants to know what makes you a unique individual. Here are the 2 principal things that will be carefully scrutinized in this question:

  1. Your creativity in selecting an event
  2. The insight your provide in describing what happened

Essay Topic Creativity and Selection of a Significant Event

Spend some time thinking about the different events that you have experienced over your life. You have some latitude with:

  1. Describing what happened to you or what you made happen
  2. How long you decide to follow this event

With some careful planning these 2 characteristics can help you differentiate your significant event essay from the other applicants.

The Insight from Your Essay

The key here is to show off your analytical skills and, by demonstrating key insight into the causes and effects of your significant event, favorably impress the college with your ability to contribute to a lively campus community. While we want to clearly state that there is no hard and fast recipe for a successful essay (that would surely stifle the key creativity ingredient, wouldn’t it?) the best ones often illustrate how what at first glance may appear to be a relatively routine and insignificant moment has actually had a profound impact on your life.

One Last Note

Proceed with caution if you choose to write about topics such as world peace, September 11, and racial harmony. These have been written many times and, unless they are specifically tied back to you and what makes you unique you will run the risk of appearing insincere and cliché. Once again, recall what we said about giving the admissions committee something different to read.