Admissions Essay Consultants Can Make the Difference for You

College applications continue to increase each year. As a result, the acceptance rates at the most selective schools continue to drop. Many schools are reporting that their acceptance rates are now at record lows.

One of the biggest mistakes most college applicants make is assuming that grades and standardized test scores (the SAT, ACT, advanced placements, etc.) are the only things that really matter. These applicants never learn that the admissions committees care about many other factors as well and, hence they do not spend adequate time on the essays, letters of reference, admissions interviews and other parts of their applications.The result is unfortunately predictable. These high school seniors invest a huge amount of effort on their grades/rankings, test scores, and extracurricular activities and largely overlook several other parts of their candidacies that are of great importance to the admissions committees at the selective colleges.Why else do you think so many high school valedictorians with perfect SAT scores are routinely rejected by all of the ivy league schools?

The Need for College Admissions Essay Consultants

You are about to make some of the biggest decisions in your life:

  1. The selection of colleges to which you apply,
  2. The admissions strategy you will pursue to optimize your chances of success and, ultimately,
  3. Where you will receive your college degree.

What Admissions Essay Consultants can do for you

School selection

A good admissions consultant will help you select the schools that are best suited to your unique needs and interests. Roughly 50% of all college freshmen will drop out of school or transfer to a different school to finish their college educations. In the vast majority of these cases, the primary cause of the drop out is a bad fit between the student and the college.

Admissions strategy formulation

Competent admissions essay consultants will have the admissions knowledge and experience to help you formulate an admissions strategy that will highlight your unique strengths and negate — or at least mitigate — your particular weaknesses. Admission is part science and part art. Be sure your consultant can tailor a custom strategy for you.

Application assistance

Your consultant should help you brainstorm for essay and personal statement topics, provide guidance on how to approach recommenders and what information should be included in the letters of reference, review your essays and personal statements for content as well as grammar, look over your applications before they are submitted to your top-choice colleges, prepare you for your admissions interviews, and help you go over your admissions and financial aid options after you have received the schools’ decisions.

Scholarship essays

These essays are very important and can have significant implications on your family’s financial outlook. A good consultant will help you construct an essay topic and proof and polish the draft.

The AdmissionsConsultants® Advantage

AdmissionsConsultants offers professional and comprehensive one-on-one admissions consulting services. They are a professional corporation that has been in business since 1996 and have worked with thousands of applicants.

All of their college admissions consultants have college admissions committee experience and they have made accept, reject, and waitlist decisions for very selective colleges. (Yes, they do have consultants with admissions committee experience from Ivy League schools.) As a result, they are very highly qualified and they know exactly what you need to do to maximize your chances of being accepted.

How to Get Started

You can click here to go directly to the college admissions webpage for AdmissionsConsultants.

You can call AdmissionsConsultants in the US and Canada at 1.800.809.0800 or email them for additional information at

Interested in Graduate School?

AdmissionsConsultants assists grad school applicants as well. They use different consultants in each practice area and all of their consultants have the relevant admissions committee experience and are very highly qualified.

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