General and Specific Topic Admission Essay Questions

The admission essay questions you will see on your college applications will always fall into one of the following two broad categories:

  1. General essay questions
  2. Specific topic essay questions

Below are some of the more common examples of each of these two types. If the essay you have in front of you does not fit neatly into one of the types discussed in more detail below (click on the question for a more detailed analysis on its particular type), do not panic. Our analyses on the following questions should be directly applicable to any type of admission essay that you may very well come across as you complete your high school senior year college applications.

Types of General Essay Questions

“Tell us something about yourself.”

“Which question do you wish we had asked?”

“Is there anything else about you that we should know?”

“Why are you applying to our college?”

“Send us a writing sample.”

Types of Specific Topic Essay Questions

“Discuss a significant event.”

“Who is your role model and why?”

“What issues greatly concern you?”

“Tell us about your favorite extracurricular activity.”